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urm,it’s time for my short movies review. kinda late i guess hehe..nvm.i think some of this movies were premier quite long ady at other countries but at here,malaysia it’s still in a month range,if im not mistaken.

so let’s start with the first two, “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “Fast and Furious 4”

He's not that into you - Fast and Furious 4
He's just not that into you - Fast and Furious 4

1. He’s just not that into you – wow,this movie is now on the list of my favourite movies of all time! why? cos it’s full of beautiful love story,though not all a happy ending story for every characters.still, i love it. you shud never watch this movie alone,if you got lover then watch with your lover,instead of me who watch with my fren and his lover hehe.. 5 stars out of 5

2. Fast and Furious 4 – the fourth seri of F&F can be said not bad. the action is cool but the story is just so so. still worth watching for movie freaks.for sure u can see lots of cool cars n butts hahah..4stars out of 5

the next two will be “The Uninvited” and “Coming Soon”

the uninvited - coming soon
the uninvited - coming soon

3. the Uninvited – just another ghost story with unexpected ending. a girl which ran away from her past mistake by creating another story for her life without realising it. common thing. go watch it if you dun have another choice of movies haha..3 stars out of 5

4. Coming soon – a thai ghost story movie. a woman who take revenge to everyone who watch the scene when she dies on the movie (which she really died when she act tat scene).not too bad and not too scary. got 1 scene tat can make u laugh,it is the last scene b4 the movie end hahahha..FHL 2.5 stars out of 5

the last two, “Knowing” and “Friday the 13th”

knowing and friday the 13th
knowing and friday the 13th

5. Knowing – tis movie kinda long ady =.=. nice movie about numbering and the end of the world (which is Hollywood’s favourite type of movie) cool action when u watch it at first but 100% you will say “WTH?! Alien again?” when u almost reach the ending.yea tats the damn worst part.another aliens. 3.5 stars out of 5

6. Friday the 13th – waha,another remake from one of the famous ancient serial killers! for tis one,i will say “just another psyhco killers movie”.ya cos the main point of the story is kill and kill for revenge. go watch if you are curious.hahah..3 stars out of 5

ps : “all movies are worth watching as long as it is famous” – ah sen, LOL


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