visitors n visitor at KL^^

hmmm,okay,its been more than a week i havent update my blog since i dunno wat to write hahaha..actually i was having a fun n sad time last weekend but i jz cant freely write it down here,it’s not tat it was sumting out of ordinary,it was jz not sumting tat i can share to some of my readers ^^. still, i can share abit here

urm..went to KL t0 meet up wit fren,u know who u are lol,and got to know some new frens from my fren. some very nice and friendly frens n some not-very-friendly frens. went to watch movie, shopping and clubbing wit them till Sunday morning from Saturday morning (2-3May09).it was fun,especially the clubbing time was my third times went to club.the previous two were at penang and genting. but the best is still the club at here,KL!

so, from that club, i kinda saw things tat ive nvr seen b4 from my others club. it was wilder.hahah..n more fun of course.( no details things will provided here LOL).pardon me as im not a clubbing-kaki,so some of the things are new for me LOL (dun laugh at me,jz let me laugh myself,k?)

uncle collin was supposed to join us tat nite but unfortunately he got thing to do so we seperate when he need to go back to his hotel n i need to find my frens for clubbing =.=

uncle collin n me
uncle collin n me

uncle collin back to Kuching le..wont be able to meet him till August >.< hope you have fun back to hometown and get ur part time job as a teacher b4 ur convo^^

ps: u owe me sumting LOL

then the day ended, though i was vy tired but i cant really slp,jz finally can close my eyes n slp around 5 a.m

had brunch with ron b4 i said cya as they are leaving to spore. then accompany uncle collin for his brunch b4 i said another cya as he is leaving to kuching. sad sad…

ps2: thanks to james who shared bed with me instead of the sofa hahah ^^

ps3: n thanks to roy for asking me to join them ^^

ps4: roy, i know u will angry if u saw the photo tat i took wit u, so i dint post it here LOL!!!



4 thoughts on “visitors n visitor at KL^^


    remember Roy **** Ron, Roy at Singapore Ron at Pinang…

    Make it clearrrr….

    you dare to forget name.. will make you pay for it when go KL in June….

    Collin so many paragraph… I just appeared once… =.=”‘

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