weird feeling

tonite, came back from dinner, my mood still ok,online, shower then back in front of my laptop, browsing n chat, n of course do abit of my assignments..i dunno wat happened, my mood change drastically,very sad n really feel like crying..the lonely feeling tat i dint feel since awhile came to me..i knw im missing sumone,sumting,sumting tat i cant explain..(shit,now i really hate to write like tis)

my phone rang, sms, from sumone at penang (no.its not who u think the person is) chat on sms for awhile, cant make me feel this kind of mood suddenly i think of hearing one song, a song tat i hvnt heard for quite sumtimes ady, i keep replay it over n over,tats when the tears came out.damn.damn.stupid.

ryan dan – the face

ps: dun bother the stupid slideshow

ps2: sumone msn me n make my mood better..thx


8 thoughts on “weird feeling

  1. Love is for u to feel happy, not for u to cry!!!
    when you love someone, you should feel happy also…
    remember… LOVE never sad, never cry…

    No matter “your love one” love you or not, you also have to be happy that you are in LOVE!!!


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