happy mother’s day

so today, 10th May is mother’s day, an international mother’s day ^^..actually it’s quite strange that every country has its different celebration of mother’s day. as my country,indonesia,they celebrate mother’s day on 22nd December. i really dun understand wat they based on to choose a mother’s day LOL..

my old family pic ^^
my old family pic ^^

i called my mom today. she dint know tat tday is mother’s day,tats wat she said hahah..she is one of the mom tat will be vy happy if her son or daughter call her (jz FYI, at my home at hometown,Medan, only left my mom n dad).so she was happy and thankz me for calling heheh..i knw im nt a good son who always call back home..but i do love them,my parents ^^ .. she told me to take care of myself (which im still trying to), study well (urgh,im also trying here..), n all others advices tat a mom usually gv her children ..

newer pic of my mom ^^,my sis, my niece n nephew (2008)
newer pic of my mom ^^,my sis, my niece n nephew (2008)

I love u mommy ^^

ps: sorry for ever arguing wit u about anything but i will always love u 🙂


11 thoughts on “happy mother’s day

  1. how cute…

    anyway, that old photo is like… ROFLMAO.. some more can see your reflection while taking the picture. and that little boy, you didnt change much~


    happy mother’s day, auntie~!

  2. hhahhaa.. yalar, i agree with ah leo.. 99.99% look alike until now.. another 0.01% different is the BODY SIZE… lolz… =.=


  3. and ive known u for almost 15 years nw =)
    we grow up together.through good n bad times. though we always argued on stupid things =p
    cant remember when was the last time i saw ur mom. i hope she is doing fine.

    hahaha. my best friend ever =)

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