rest in peace…

RIP Mr. Lawrence
RIP Mr. Lawrence

few days ago, on May 15th, i went to my lecturer funeral, Mr.Lawrence Low Meng Yong. he was my lecturer for my previous 2-3 sems. a very funny n gud teacher. on April,we, his students were told that he got cancer and only can survive for 1-2 years. it was quite sad for us to see him lie on the bed n look thinner when we went to visit him at hospital but we glad he was ok tat time. but faith speak differently,he was taken away on May. not even few months.

may you rest in peace sir..

at the funeral, i was thinking, it’s very sad to lost someone u love,u care,ur family..n i was remembering the time when i was at my grandma funeral few years ago,i cried n cried when we have to let her go. T.T

today, on May 17th 2009,i lost my other grandma, i dint see it will come tis grandma was sick. n tis morning, God took her away T.T gosh my tears come out again..n i cried when i was told by my father. i was not there. the last time i saw her was few months ago which we all still took care of her. im one of the grandsons tat she sayang.n i cant be there wit all my family for her last few days..

wish all my family can get through tis back there at Medan..

rest in peace pho will get a better place up there..i love u, we all love u..


9 thoughts on “rest in peace…

  1. sorry to hear that… you don’t have to say anything… she will happy if you let her go happily…

    *HUG* close your eye… she is hugging u… smiling with pride…

  2. can feel wat u r feeling now .. my mum passed away 3 yrs ago .. i still miss her each day .. i guess dear ones who has left us can onli reside in our hearts .. value each moment u have with them while they r still around .. *hugs*

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