my now n then

here comes the lovely June~ ^^


– im in my last 2-3 weeks of my sem 6, so kinda hv lots of stuff to do,gambateh!

– been out of touch with my frens around here except some, cos everyone busy with their own things n stuff

– nt to mention out of touch wit ppl i do care about

– been crying much more than i usually do, on May

– craving for dumpling >.< wanna hv my aunty’s made dumpling..

– will be officially 21 soon, ya i knw some of u think it’s still young ^^  my birthday wish – hoping for the best to myself, someone who appreciate me for who i am hehe..

– redang trip n bangkok trip are waiting for me…i mz be prepare to see my bank account drop drastically T.T

– i wan S.E Satio!!! >.<

– oh, i went out wit this couple,which is my frens around last week. its pretty much jz like other couple actually bt its jz sumting tat..erm ok nvm..jealousy can kill

ps: anyone who have twitter can follow mine ————–>>> the right bar side (though i dint update much =.=)

update: jz had my hair cut tonite.wth was i thinking to have hair cut n styled around tis time?! LOL (more refers to Leo’s comment under there)


12 thoughts on “my now n then

  1. more updates:

    – and i just had my hair cut 9 30 PM and tomorrow i am having presentation. what the hell was i thinking to have a hair cut at this hour, not considering that i will ruin the styled hair that can be saved till tomorrow. now the only choice is to sleep upside down so that i wont ruin my hair. and have a camwhore session with ah leo~~

      1. mieh..bayar..

        makasih suda mewujudkan impian camwhore ku~ wakaka

        at least now u can sleep dengan tenang, dengan foto2 bejibun

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