what ive been doing lately? i was damn busy with assignments since it’s my last 2 weeks for this sem. so nothing much for me except assignments n assignments

DSC01094 1. the first presentation, wearing damn formal (though i luv it ^^) to uni. presenting a group work for Customer Behaviour class which is so not my cup of tea.

we need to form a group and built our own company. for my group we built a bag company which we named Burgundy Inc with Feuille as the brand for the bags. i was choosen as the head designer for the men department LOL while others as the PR, marketing officer n others~

i was doing quite bad in this presentation cos i dint even understand wat i was talking about >.< but jz take it as i had finish 1 subject

2. the 2nd subject, Design in Context. no presentation for this subject. we need to choose 1 topic from the given 7 topics to focus on.i choose something that related to global warming which i knw is quite boring n design a calendar book for it including my 3xxx words essay in it (i hate essay =.=)

my calendar ended up quite nice, spent a long time to print it at the printing shop around Subang there. damn shop! nt proffesional at all, feel like burning it down. if nt because of cheap cost i wont waste my breath n time to print at there

3. the 3rd presentation, Animation subject. whoaaaaaaaaaa did u knw wat i had been through bcos of this subject? i dint slp well for 2 nights! the last project which is a group project, we need to create our own MV for a song. we choose Lily Allen’s Fuck u.hahahah.. just FYI, i nvr didnt slp because of doing assignments. it felt like hell >.< i really hate the feeling of staying awake until morning without slp. it kills me~

these are my other 2 projects for tis subject

unfortunately this MV havent finish until this moment but maybe by tmrw we can finish it up ady..amen~ anyway for the presentation itself, not went really well cos we hvnt finish n our video is not as nice as some others group’s MV bt we are still better than some others group. fuck u~

4. the last presentation.Typography subject. we need to form a group,again, n create something in a “typography” form n sell it in a bazaar tat we created. my group choose to make pillows n plush toys to sell ^^ so it mean we need to sew sew n sew, it was fun ppl..

n here’s some pics of us n the event

tyPlush members
tyPlush members
our pillow n plush toys
our pillow n plush toys
sell sell sell~
sell sell sell~
the small bazaar
the small bazaar

it was a very busy day for tat bazaar thingy but luckily our booth was doing pretty fine heheh..gud job guys ^^

now i only left the submission for 2 subjects,and i’ll be completely free after tis few days hoho~ it means holiday~


12 thoughts on “lately

      1. EOWH.. i wan to support one lor, but rushing assignment how to go eh.. HAIZ.. eh eh eh, which one that u think is cutie one, can keep for me ar? i wan to buy !! AM VERY SERIOUS… KEEP TWO FOR ME..!!!

          1. mmm… Z almost same with H hor… rotate it.. HAHAHAHAHA.. Z sure is urs one lor.. =.= ZANTA.. (forgot)

            can make order again ar?


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