my birthday

19 June 2009

this year bday was lots different than usual. why? bcos of Fb. hahaha..there lots more ppl tat greated me happy bday this year bcos of the notification on Fb. LOL so maybe i must thank Fb,if nt noone will remember or even know my bday.

so wats special about my bday?erm,my frens throw me a bday bbq party which only attended by few people which i dun mind, seeing tat this is a holiday season,everyone is going back to their hometown. eventhough not many people was there but it was fun

i really got bully on my bday =.=”, they were making mess on my face hahaha damn..anyway the cake was delicious! loves it ^^






thanks for everyone who made the party ^^,to leo and hiro who “suddenly” made it happen, karen, sisca and wan xin for helping to do cooking,n others who attended, yenny,eugene,ahenk,nancy,etc ^^ thanks alot guys hehhe..

ah i got some bday presents from my frens

1. the top left is a fake boobs from sisca hahaha..i dunno wats she was thinking LOL, i refused to wear it on scene XD.thsnk u sisca..

2. the top right is a handmade bday wishing card from leiyei ^^, lovely big heart for me from her n the PCG gang. thanks leiyeiiiii ;D

3. the bottom left is a white long pant from Shiuji ^^, he came from spore and ask me to choose my bday present myself..thanks alot..(n the phone call bday singing ^^)

4. the bottom right is a handmade clock from Allen n Chad ^^, they draw themselves until midnite hehe..happy 😀 thanks guys..

oh 1 more, thanks for ronzai for singing n record the happy bday song n sent it to me,it’s sweet ^^

bday prsent

ps: now im oficially 21 wahaha ^^

ps2: hope my wishes can come true

ps3: thanks again for frens who greated me from fs, fb, sms, call n in person ^^


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