what’s next

stillll…on my happy-boring-broke-holiday. nothing much happen since my last trip to Redang island around 2 weeks ago. but there’s just another trip tat i did on my own to Melaka hahaha,the trip to Melaka was on my own but i went there to meet james n frens πŸ˜€ (next post for the pictures ^^)

so after my redang trip,im jz relaxing myself at home till nw (nt to mention movie time,daily shop time or tat Melaka trip) lol..let me show u my daily boring activity:
1.wake up
2.online (fb games! XD)
3.shower then go buy lunch
4.back online
5.sometimes take a nap
6.delivery for dinner

u see?! i feel like a pig. i havent been exercising for such a long time T.T dunno wat lazy ghost had got into me >.< angry of myself,jobless n useless@.@ tat routine will still be continued until 11th july,at least if i dint manage to change it with something useful (which i guess no).

4-5th july
Melaka trip wit james n his collegues. full of laughter LOL. thanks james for inviting me n for the belated bday presents ^^

11th july
– lee yi n victor will be leaving to Aussie!! huhu T.T will be missing them..i’ll go aiport to send u guys,dun worry. oh n i wont cry cos im tough enuf hehe..shud be happy cos will be living new life! k?k?

– leo, hiro and ah leong will be having their graduation..congratz congrats~ evryone is entering their work life ady..haiz..sure i cant go to ur convo ady since we have to pay quite expensive n the limited seats (limkokwing is all about money =.=)

12-14th july
my parents pay me a visit ^^ wuhuu~ can bring them for a walk only on 13th i guess

14-18th july
Bangkok tripppp! XD im so ecxited for this since ive been longing to go to Thailand for quite sometimes. go far away u H1N1!!!! amin~

24-1st august
Asur n others,frens from Medan pay me a visit..actually they r coming to Malysia for vacation,not really to find me hahah..but i ady bought my ticket home,how?so now still considering whetherto go back Medan on 21st july or wait them come on 24thΒ  (cos i bought my ticket ady,thinking that they ady canceled their trip to here)n the fact that i ady spent lots of money to travel here,here n there

3rd august
enrolment day for next sem =.=

tats all on my list to do right now..:D

ps: coming next,some pics of Melaka trip ^^

melaka church


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