1st day at Bangkok

so finally i was able to step my feet on Thailand ^^ been waiting for it for monthsss~7 months to be exact since i book the ticket. n was having this trip wit other 2 frens from Malaysia(thanks for inviting me to go along :))

14 july 2009


reached Bangkok around 4-5pm if nt mistaken.then straight find taxi to our 1st guest house called Rambuttry which located around Khao San road (we’r nt staying in hotel since it’s a budget trip hahah) . since it’s a budget hotel,so nothing much bout the room,jz for u to sleep n shower but the location is really strategies,located at Khao San road which famous wit its night market and not far from the famous Grand Palaca n other temples

reached hotel then went out to Chinatown for dinner,the chinatown here is quite different with Chinatown at other places cos located in a wide road which is impossible to blocked.


the food here is quite cheap n nice,though i dint try all hehe..ah there this granny who sell dumpling on the road side,she tot i wanna take pics of her stuffs then she straight close it wit a big plastic n said “cant take pics,cant take pics” wit an annoying tone. its really annoying,i wasnt going to take any pics of it also,we jz went there to see wat she sell =.=”

took taxi back after finish exploring the Chinatown there and continue to explore the Khao San road markets which is full of tourist, lots more than the tourist at Malaysia i guess.

ps 1: the taxi driver there can cheat tourist =.=”, he purposely drive around to made us pay more for the meter, summore i think all the taxi drivers are a racer hahaha-they drive vy fast like wanna race XD-oh 1 more,most of them dint speak english well so its vy difficult to communicate to them bout our direction

ps 2: i was so excited on my 1st day cos lots of eye candy(i mean tourist) around the night market LOL

NEXT – 2nd day at Bangkok (cant write all my 5 days at Bangkok in 1 post LOL)


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