2nd day at Bangkok

15 July 2009

im going to continue to my 2nd day at Bangkok which was very tiring =.=

soo on my 2nd day,we need to wake up early at 6 cos we’ll be going to Damnoen Saduak floating market which took around 1 n half hour from our staying place. we went by a tour with other tourists.since i woke up tat early, i slpt on the way to there hehe..so i missed most of the view from the places tat we passed by =.=

the floating market itself is very interesting for tourist,even for local i guess. they sell things on their boat, from souvenir, fruits until food. for u who like something clean or hygenis i bet u wont put ur finger on the food hahah cos quite lots of flies around. the things there are not too expensive, its jz they always put a very high price for tourist which of course u shud bargain.



after from the floating market,otw back hotel, we stopped at RTC, Royal Thai Handicraft Centre, lots of wood craft furniture which are hand made n souvenir as well,ntg much,of course we wont buy the expensive furniture back home LOL.. took off after half n hour.

reach hotel rest awhile then prepared to go out again. we went to visit the big Grand Palace. its a very big place with some temples or temples-look-alike building or statue or wateva,i dint go find out,jz went to enjoy the beauty,cos i hate history LOL. it’s 350 bath per entry. the place is awesome, very worthy to go see n take photos (of course,cos its famous at Bangkok)





out from the Grand Palace, we went to another place, which  inside is the reclyning Buddha statue,a big one. n other nice temples-building surrounding it. ntg much as well,another nice exotic thai temples but its very beautiful


halfway through tis i was tired like hell ady, keep walking n walking,im nt a backpacker oso >.< (on my 2nd n my 3rd day i really feel like a backpacker which was killing me! but i did experinced thing from this hehe..so i let my feet to kept walking)

next destination,another famous temples-statue, forget the name XD.. this time we need to go across the big river, so the 3bath boat was used.its only about 1 minute cross hahah..just enjoying the scene n the wind then suddenly have to off boat ady 😀 fyi, the river’s water color is green brown LOL, quite dirty but lots of fish! dunno wat kind of fish are those



so tday was all about visiting the famous-traditional places,wat i mean by traditional is the places tat got history except the floating market lol..but my next day will still be the same,another historical place, urgh~

ps: for those who had read my old previous post about me being mistaken judge as a malay, chinese, mix, or wateva, i got a new one from tis day,the thai ppl tot im a thai XD(this happened lots of time during this trip). when i was walking to their store, they started to talk thai wit me which of course i replied in english then they(he) said “oh no thai? i tot we are same” –>this was said by a thai-chinese guy hahaha..n my frens started to laught at me

NEXT – 3rd day (or maybe 4th day as well) at Bangkok


7 thoughts on “2nd day at Bangkok

  1. Ahh…No wonder u look familiar….Hehehe..I think i bumped into u whn u were in BKK =)…U went in a group of 3 biys carryin’ large DSLR cam rite? =)…Cheers k!

  2. Hahaha…It’s a secret! Hehehe…Oops…realize there was a typo error in my earlier msg…3 boys…Aiyo, very hurt whn u say u dun even noticed me…Sounds like i’m very ugly…Hahaha…Jokin! Cheers k!

    1. Hehhe sorry ya,wat I mean is I nvr see ur pic before so I dunno which one u r hehe..why secret wor lol..3 boys,my frens dint look as young as their look la haha..

  3. Hahaha…Its ok…Haha..Thn u must be the youngest looking among them lor =P…Anyway, think u’d enjoyed the BKK trip rite…Hahaha…I also startin to miss BKK d….I’d added u in Facebook

    1. Ya I think I’m the youngest looking cos I’m the youngest among them hehe..I miss bangkok ady bt I thk u had more fun than I did,from the post at ur blog lol..yup I knw I accepted ur fren req ady,only gt few of ur pics so still kinda guessing how u look like 🙂

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