3rd n 4th day at Bangkok

16 July 2009

my third day at Bangkok.guess wat happened to me tat day.it burned me! >.< im getting tanner or shud i say darker.haiz..

woke up earlier than yesterday around 6 cos need to check out n move to another rest house called Urban House (this place is very recommended if u dun wan to spend lots of money for hotel wit a very satisfying room n service!) which located at the city. u know wat makes me wow early in the morning tat day?its ady jam around 6-7 early morning @.@ awesome hahah..

so after reached Urban House n drop our things(havent check in cos too early), we headed to Ayuthaya by comuter,nt too much different with ktm at malaysia,jz the place is better i guess. one thing tat was very noteable, the comuter station(which probably is Bangkok central jz like KL central LOL) at 8am,they play their national anthem n we have to stand up to honor it.cool rite?


reached Ayuthara,we rent bicycles, this is wat tourist mostly do cos at that area we are provided bicycles, motorcycle n tuk tuk which we can rent. so here is the place which burned me! the weather is beyond imagination T.T n i forgot to bring my jacket along with me.damn. so me n my dear frens cycle around,guide by a map, to check out all the Wats(old stone temples?) around there. cycle until my butt hurt ~.~ there got quite lots of Wats but we dint go see all since its vy hot n tiring



after a tiring day yesterday,on this trip to Ayuthara i was feeling dizzy nonstop,scared me of H1N1 lol,luckily its jz bcos of the weather n the tiredness. we only cycle around until 3 pm n took the 3.30pm train back to Bangkok. anyway, i was quite amazed, in tat area got lots of hot university/school girls but only few hot guys..hahah

back to the Urban House and rest awhile n noticed that my hand ady divided into 2 colours.wtf.but no choice ady………………at nite we went to to SuamLum market, only need around 10-15mins walk from our place, dinner n shop abit,the place is quite big n nice to shop heheh..then around 11sumting we decided to walk to to thai girl n boy town tat side to have a look hahah..n wow,tat was a very interesting place but unfortunately we dint get in n try the show cos we scared gt cheated.if nt,tat ady will be great hahah…(dun hv tat courage to go i guess,cos i jz follow wateva my frens’ decision lol)

17 July 2009

my forth day so far was my favourite.why? cos we went to shopping mall haha..went to siam paragon, zen, world centre n others.in my opinion, thailand is still better place to shop than malaysia. the things are cheaper n the sale is another reason which made it a better place to shop.finally bought the original “love of Siam” dvd here,so happy 🙂



drop by to the four-faces-buddha to pay a visit n pray awhile,its kinda crowded there cos most of the tourist also did the prayer. hope wat i wish at there can come true soon ^^


anyway~ i damn fall in love with siam paragon cinema once i enter the hall! for me its awesome hahah..maybe cos i nvr found tat kind of cinema at malaysia or indonesia. forget how spore’s cinema looks like ady.. but unfortunately i dint hv the chance to try the cineme T.T since my frens didnt wan then i jz follow them(they actually let me to try myself,but i jz rejected tat idea). urgh,so waste i dint try any of the cinema there. so jz walk around n shop,it was crowded n i like it..

at nite we had a walk at Patphong market. that market is actually the place for the famous thai girl show n sex show.really curious bout the sex show.we dint get in wit the same reason like before,too bad LOL

18 July 2009

went back to KL with afternoon flight

ps : I miss Bangkok!! for sure ^^


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