already gone,again

finally,the MV for this song was up..for u who r following my blog sure knw i posted this song n the lyric before..such a beautiful n sad song..i cried over it,reminding me of sumone out there

cant slp tonite,my eyes are still watery till nw..found out tat my study result nt as gud as i expected but at least nt worse than previous sem,still im really dissapointed over my hardwork for it..maybe its nt hard enuf

cant even find sumone to make me feel better

double sad >.<


7 thoughts on “already gone,again

  1. wei~ur result is v good la~dun worry~at 1st i tot ur result is very very bad.after u told me ur result, i feel want to throw u ‘selipar’~only drop a bit but ur result is still extremely good~ur r stil in dean list la~

    1. a straight A is the minimum requirement of having a good grades for ali. well, a straight A+ is a VERY good grades for him. HAHA.

      1. collin- yala i know la..i jz knw my frens’ result jz nw,n im really nt doing tat well =.=”

        ah leo- eo,er chui la u..tats wat everyone is hoping huhu >.<

  2. remember those old days when you’re sitting in the faculty when i asked you what you were doing and i rolled my eyes on your answer ” i’ve got all As, but only one subject is B. I’m here to ask my lecturer to make it A”

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