back in the day

its been awhile~i know i shudnt keep u waiting~ haha..actually nothing much,jz a bit update about myself since the last time i updated my blog ^^

bck here to Malaysia on 1st of august n been out n about wit Hiro n others for few days XD,broke..went to TopicanaCity Mall for the 1st time,lost car key at Sunway for the 1st time, having a dinner in the super duper crowded cafe at S2 for the 1st time, queing in a very crowded line for toll for the 1st time LOL

was having my enrolment on 3rd august.n surprisingly this was the first time i felt “easy” on doing this..thanks my frens for the help 😀

anyway,got my hair cut for fresher look before starting my new sem


got s visit from uncle collin on the 8th -10th of august.accompany him to KL for the first 2 days he was here,nothing much,went to movie, meet some frens, n enjoying days.was feeling nt too well in tat pass 2 days but i survived hahah…congrats collin for the convo by the way

started my new sem on 10th of august.dint feel like starting sem this fast cos i still in the holiday mood. kinda hate this new sem,the projects are killing me! sob sob 😦 thinking tat i have to direct 3 mins short film already making me feel like giving its indivudual project somemore T.T havnt add up with other tv commercial project,3D project, facilitation,website n so on.GOSH! God bless me. i need to survive this sem…this is the things tat’ve been bothering me lately,day n nite.

went for the Pecha Kucha Night Vol 7 last night,13th august 2009 at Cap Square. this was part of my assignment. there were this 8 speakers which included designer,art director,artist,interior designer,composer n others, with their 20 images to show n 20seconds to explain each of Wong n Mark Teh are my favourite speakers tat nite 😀

yuri n mark

so tats it. the higlight of my first 2 weeks back here at Malaysia. stressfull days are ahead now >.<


14 thoughts on “back in the day

  1. i remember that piece of photo where you were queuing for ATM and you just don’t care who is there.. had the phone in the air and shoot~ even with me, Karen, and Hiro looking unbelievably with you.. salute!

  2. OmG Ali , when you have been looking like that wtih seat belt, really i can say, that doenst suit you,but on the right side of pic, hmm so gorgeous! Much more handsome, keep it that way!

    Anyhow,thanks for ur mail, love to have and hear about you. See ya,

      1. Hmm.. not so but kinda better new look. Former look like nice decent kind student boy ,who does as mum asks… hehe joking. Have a nice wkd, enjoy your time! see ya,

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