lazy bum *FML*

me3GOSH, my laziness is killing me slowly!! >.< got lots of things to do but still im so out of my mind on doing it.wat a lazy bum @.@; promise myself by the weekend i will get it done a little by a little

lets see wat i have here
– topic analysis-journal for Design Management
– topic research for Design Management
– film treatment for Multimedia class
– TVC treatment for Multimedia class

i ereally have no idea for the treatments things..sigh..

i can do it i can do it >.<jia you for myself! lalalalalala…*gettin crazy*

wat shud i do to get myself back on track?


8 thoughts on “lazy bum *FML*

  1. Hmm… face the reality and weight the alterantives; want you live under the bridge picking up bottles and cans, boring OR wanna be somebody decent guy with own bed and shower. All up to you! You might go to see some bridges, how it looks like to spend time there.. Heh heeh! Enjoy your amazing day and opportune which has been given to you! With all suport to you!

  2. it always happen, isn’t it?

    saying that we are scared of how the future might be.
    but still we are lazying our ass off in the room.

    hiro is another case, he earn money~ $$

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