anger can take u nowhere

“nila setitik habis susu sebelanga” – a proverb from indonesia  – one mistake can blow all ur hardwork away

ever do a mistake to someone then all ur goodness towards that person gone without anytg left? tell me about it, tat always happen to me. either im stupid or..wateva =.=

gud luck wit everything

ps: anyway. i didnt ask for any second chance or wateva chance


8 thoughts on “anger can take u nowhere

  1. Some People deserves second chance..But some do not..
    Just do your best akong…
    Don’t always be saddd…
    Quick go back here!
    We’ll have fun..
    Hope you’ll forget your problems there…

  2. wat mistake hv u done actually?
    can it b fixed?
    should i ask do you want to fix??
    i really have no clue wat’s happening hee~
    rmb there R people who care bout u alwayz..!


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