welcome home

it’s been few months since i wrote something at here, my poor blog :). it was the feeling of bored and heat and everything that u can imagine when u r tired of something. writing about myself. but here i am, back here and typing again.

been sleeping very late lately. i look like an old man now + pimpless!! @.@..i supposed to have my holiday starting from tomorrow,my last submission for 3D subject, but unfortunately im not lucky enough to finish it on time. damn. rendering is sucks. somemore rendering in my poor Lenovo. bleh~ so we’ve been asking for extension till Saturday,hope i can make it.. after that then i’ll be freeee~ boring holiday ahead,no plan n jobless. been carving to find an internship for this holiday but…yea im suck >.<

another thing was..knowing some new frens, bad and good one, loosing some frens, bad and good one. realize people just come n go from ur life, what do u expect. life can be cruel sometimes, or always will be. i wonder why nowadays its very difficult to trust people, i hate people, mostly because of the things that come out from their mouth, everything is a lie,if u dint mean what u said then better shut the f up. =.=”

Cinderella: the untold story

anyway, anyone wanna watch the short film that i shoot for my Mutimedia design subject’s project?? hahah..talking bout movie, i missed a lot of movies!!anyone? movies? XD

UPDATED!! my short film and TVC for my Multimedia’s project. Enjoy! 😀


5 thoughts on “welcome home

  1. not bad woh~~but i thought the girl is maid lo.so pity nia.but video too short le,
    i wan see ur longer video lah~~i wan join ur video also lah~~seem very funny lei~
    the digi one very nice and the music very suitable with the video also.

    1. thanksss yaa 🙂

      she is not maid..from the intro got show their family pic ady ma..

      next time if got this assignment ady then u come kl and bcome my actor lo hahaa..as the kelefeh LOL

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