on my gosh..i have alot of things that i want in mind! how?? n ive not enough money to buy T.T i really need income to buy wat i wan or else, i jz can dream of these things 😦

iMac and SE. Satio

well, im thinking to have iMac or Macbook when i start working or while im working,  it will be fun and great working in a Mac, doesnt it?maybe i can save that for later.. n my other dream phone which ive been wanting to have since it’s still on “coming soon” list,Sony Ericcson Satio..it will cost me 2xxxRM to buy..that is why both of them still in my “WishList” >.< NO MONEY

Britney's The Single Collection box set and Intuos 4 Wacom

sigh..do u know how much Britney’s newest album set will cost me?? 3xxRM! gosh..i really want to have that exclusive set of her album T.T i need to book for it but it’s so expensive..im still thinking whether to buy it or not..i wan wan wannnnn .. the other consideration is becos i need to buy this Wacom..either the newest Bamboo or Intuos 4,Intuos 4 will cost me around 12xxRM i guess, Bamboo will cost me less than 1000RM..but sure the Intuos 4 is better quality or can be said is the best..sigh.. howww???? where i got money to buy all those things?? damn..

i still have other important things to buy such as a USB which will cost me..ermmm not sure..and the Faceshop thingy for my face which will cost me around 150RM and the Doctor’s medicine for my face!! 150Rm as well for 1 month.. 😦 n i only have limited money to spend..how good if i got work..


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