Alamanda outing day

Yesterday(1 Dec 09) was supposed to be my alone outing day to Alamanda to watch moviesss. 2012, Christmas Carol and Ninja Assassin were on the maybe-im-going-to-watch-today list haha..either 2 of them. hm reached Alamanda around 3 while 2012 will start at 3.05, lucky me. since i was alone it was way much easier for me to get a sit and yea,i did get a good sit..

2012 movie poster

Well, 2012..the movie that ive been longing to watch since the movie poster came out. i kinda like a movie about the end of the world cos its jz…interesting hehe..

this movie was totally booming in Malaysia, guess from what i heard from people that they queue a long way jz to watch this movie n hvnt mentioned that the tickets sold out though New Moon has already premiere here. experienced by me myself hahah..

So basically this movie is talking about the end of the world. the time when the world will change back to 0001, a new era wit a new calender. so who is strong enuf to survive? who has the courage? who got the power to buy the right to live? who has no chance to survive? who has to give up because of the selfishness of human? who has to surrender? you will see how people will treat each other when they face this kind of situation, the one who still have heart and the one who doesnt.

The story itself actually is something very common, looking from the main character who can get through all the “danger”,that is really ridiculous, the part when the main character by John Cusack is driving a car where the entire family is inside and gone through all the falling building (ya hollywood kinda movie). but it gets more interesting when reaching the end part. there was this touching moment when the guy who discover and found out what will happen have to die with his family because the US government dint send help to bring them to the safe-big-boat as been promised. *touch*

Okok no more spoiler for u who havent watch (but i doubt u havent watch this lol)

For the effect, it is wowsome! while i was watching this movie, i kept wondering how they did this effect, ya i knw there are plenty of movies which have this kind of effect but still i had this wow-moment while watching overall i’ll give 3.7stars from 5

For me, The Day After Tomorrow is still way better than this 2012. who agree with me? ^^

The Day After Tomorrow movie poster

Let me continue with my Alamanda trip,haha.after finished my 2012, my friend suddenly join me, so it means i couldnt continue for another movie!  hooo…Sushi King was the next stop (pokkai ady),i dint eat much, very less can be said, only 2 plates of sushi which ady cost me 10RM =.=”.. hungry until sleep time,poor me Soe and Leo to accompany for supper @.@


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