dear diary

Dear diary,

when your friend left u behind though they know u  r alone and free (wit thousand reasons that i can predict like… i lost contact wit them, i busy wit myself, i wont want to follow, im lansi ady, and lots other more), wat shud i think n do?

JZ GET OVER IT AND HAVE UR OWN FUN! i mean, right? yea i need to jz get over it. it’s not like the first time something like this happened to me. im jz nt as important as the others.hohohoho. bet nobody knows me well

dear diary, thanks for listening..

ps: uh oh, i mean me n my diary stick together


5 thoughts on “dear diary

  1. just get over it? that is the best ADVICE you have for yourself? that is terrible advice!!!! you cant just “get over something.” I don’t know what it’s all about but you can’t just “GET OVER IT” even a bruise takes more time than that, and a cut at least needs an antiseptic and a band-aid or you get infected. So.. whatever you are talking about, treat yourself better or it will end up inflamed. (going with the whole medical metaphor.)
    PS. I was led to this website because this entry was generated as being similar somehow to the entry i just posted. probably because mine starts out “dear diary” as well..

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