Damansara outing day *Xmas spirit*

this has been a quite tiring weekend..since i was and still am alone, i was trying to fill up my time with something useful fun (for me). On Thursday ( Dec 3,2009) i went to 1U-The Curve-Ikano for Chirstmas hunting 😉 and for movie of course (dont get bored when i keep writing on the movie i watched hehe..) soo..this time was Christmas Carol turn. well, no other movie that attracted me lately,most of them can be downloaded ady..

A Christmas Carol movie poster

lets make some review about this movie,well, im not such a big fans of cartoon or animation movie but since im a multimedia student (ehem ehem LOL) i can said that the movie itself is good, the way they animated Jim Carrey into Ebenezer Scrooge, an old rich stingy guy who dun trust with Christmas or anything about family’s warmth since he doesnt have one, though he got a nephew who tried to be close with him but rejected. For more of the synopsis you can just google it.

This movie, from my point of view, is basically teaching us how we should enjoy and share with others cos we are not leaving alone in this world and to brighten our view of what life is (in here, it portrays by Chirstmas time). I bet some of the adult wont enjoy much but yea, this is a family movie, you supposed to bring your children, younger brother n sisters or whoever in their “kids” age along. Me? i watched myself hahah..its for my own pleasure only 😉

so i’ll give 3 stars from 5

Continue with my journey across Damansara haha XD..snapping some pics of 1U’s Christmas decoration before proceeding to the next stop. it was quite crowded at there, maybe cos its holiday season. the next stop would be the Curve, checking on the Cineleissur cinema for other movies, nono not going to watch again, jz checking..hehe..walk out from the building and was welcomed with the beauty of the Christmas decoration *take out phone**snap snap* lol..its beautiful and warmth with the crowd around, how nice if i got someone to celebrate with :). headed to The Curve and Ikano for their Christmas decor as well..after done snapping and walk awhile, my time was up, walk back to 1U for my bus..

ps: i’ll share wit u guys the KL shopping mall’s Christmas spirit pics later!


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