Fr-Sat-Sun with S&J

Friday (Dec 4, 2009)

My friends kidnapped me from Cyberia!! ahaha..nah, kidding ;). went to Puchong for Bak Kut Teh as lunch..they,S & J never try it cos they are foreigner from other part of Malaysia, lol..

after that,still hang around with them around Petaling,Jaya One there and Pavillion (xmas decoration pics snapping! :D). the one that i posted before this post was from Pavillion (Xmas Deers pic)

Saturday (Dec 5, 2009)

Another busy weekend wit S & J (so lucky they dropped by KL) if not then i would be having a quite weekend. anyway, bfore that i went to KLCC alone for the pc fair (it was such a crowded pace which i dun like at all,somemore i was alone in the crowd @.@), was planning to buy the Bamboo wacom, but i dint see any at there except the Genius brand,not interested..Did realize the promoters at pc fair play a big part of it! they dressed so “wow” and were photographed by lots of photographer,unfortunately i didnt take any pic to show at here..some were really eye-catching! lol..great job..

Met S&J around lunch time at KLCC, walk around, went out from KLCC then headed out to Outlet store, dunno around where ady.., oh it’s Queens Park,ntg much there, but i did check out the dogs at the pet shop there,such cutiesss..after that we headed to Alor street to have our dinner, the first time i tried their chicken bakar (BBQ chicken?),nice n sweet ^^. then wacom here i comeeeeee and finally i bought it! with my own saving =.= which cost me around 600rm..sayonara Intuos 4..welcome Bamboo Fun..

Bamboo Fun: Pen & Touch

oh by this time i ady snapped Sg.Wang, Pavillion, Sunway, 1U, The Curve, Cineleissure’s xmas decoration..hohooh…but still i havent manage to snap other shopping malls.

And there’s this sudden plan to go clubbing ahaha..great..quite sometimes dint go club a gud boy eh? tat means drink and dance..nt too crowded tat nite,dunno where all the ppl go? haha..maybe they are holiday-ing to somewhere else..this time my head was quite heavy bcos of the beer..jz realize i was kinda lame haha..but i was still ok,jz heavy-head. went back around 3am. tired!

Sunday (Dec 6, 009)

Went to have our brunch around 1 at Pink Sage (u knw this cafe?) around Cap Square there..the food is in western style..nvr know got a cafe at there,maybe cos vy less pass by there, but its kinda crowded at there, a classy crowded, not pasar ramai crowded hahah..

Done with brunch, went to Cap Square a while which was so damn less ppl..still can count i guess..(jz remember that there’s no xmas decoration inside =.=?) afterwards we went to Midvalley-The Garden, it was so so crowded, full of ppl with Christmas spirits everywhere.. wonderful! the pics still will up later ^^.

Stay there not too long cos my lovely frens  need to go back to where they came from tat night i was sent back to Cyberia..

ps: big thanks to S&J for the lovely days 😉


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