Let the Merry begins PART II

Well, cant get enough of the Christmas spirit in KL shopping malls? here they are , the other 4 shopping malls, Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Pavillion! guess they are not loose with the previous 4 rite, awesome..my favorite from here would be Pavillion ^^

Merry Christmas from Berjaya Times Square

Times Square give a lot of hanging decoration here such as the snowflakes and the snowballs,impressive. the glowing balls on the xmas tree looks wonderful. but the snowhouse itself not too attractive i guess,maybe too simple? still nice anyway..

Merry Christmas from Sungei Wang

Sungei wang oso dont wanna loose with other shopping malls! hoho, they combine the xmas trees, lighting and the swan for their xmas decors..not bad. as u can see there, they were having an event,PowerRanger thingy for children as they are having their holidays now to merry the Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Lot 10

Unfortunately, Lot 10 doesnt give much for the Christmas celebration, but still, they try to give their visitors Christmas feeling by the xmas trees in some parts of the malls such as the entrance and escalator sides. trees with white ribbon and silver ornaments for Christmas! 😉

Merry Christmas from Pavillon

You must go to Pavillion and see for yourself their xmas decors!their decors welcome you from the front door until their main hall down the stairs! u can see the beautiful blue lighting deers waiting for u to take pics with them haha..cos everyone are surrounding all these decors to take pics,wonder why?lol. Red,yellow,green and blue lights are all glowing XD *clink clink*

so far so good? any favourite?

ps: the last part will be up soon..Midvalley, the Garden and KLCC! be right back 😉


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