Let the Merry begins PART III

Final part of the Twilight Saga Christmas decor hunting at KL’s shopping mall! i add 1 more shopping mall instead of 3 malls that i mentioned before,it’s Ikano, since i dropped by there before this post is posted hehe.. Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, but still, ther’s still time for you to do some shopping! for me myself, im out of budget to shop,well, in my previous post i got mentioned that i just bought my bamboo wacom sooo..im kinda broke and i still have to save some money for ipoh-penang trip this xmas hehe 😀 unlucky me,sales are everywhere, i only bought 1 jacket from Giordano concept store in Pavillion..

Let’s back to the topic, check out the last but not least 4 shopping malls from me 😉

Merry Christmas from Ikano

This Underwater Christmas theme is an event intended for children i guess, but still its a xmas decor rite?haha..by seeing at the theme itself,underwater, most of the decos are the sea animal, like the seahorse, fish,shark with the santa’s hat on them, they even put the real fish for us to see..

Merry Christmas from The Garden

The Garden give you completely the feeling of beautiful white Christmas without making you feel cold! get what i mean? the white cage with all the butterflies are just..beautiful..i like the feeling while looking at it a lot..nt too simple but nt too crowded as well,pure beauty. ^^

Merry Christmas from Midvalley

Midvalley, which can be considered as 1 of the biggest (in size) mall in KL, has 3 themes (or more)of xmas decors! from the pics u can see the east atrium, center court and north court decors, different feel rite? can u spot the “Harry Potter” xmas theme in one of the courts? yea,tats wat i felt when i saw their decoration in the center court.really. but i like the reindeer in the cage anyway^^

Merry Christmas from Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC( the most elite mall in KL?) offers a more colourful and sweet Christmas by their candies house! it definitely is sweet and..sweet..,maybe they jz missed the Hans and Gretel inside XD..

Tat’s a wrap for my Christmas spirit of KL shopping mall! so now it’s time to judge which one is the best from all~ hoho..jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~~ hmm for me,i’ll get my vote to…Pavillion!hope the crown fall for them hehe..anyway,it is very fun when u walk among this people in this holiday season, but depends on mood actually, sometimes you jz need to make urself happy! ^^

Happy Holidays people!


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