Movies Review

Well,it’s movie review time (a post only bout movies, nt including my outing like some of my posts ^^) !once again im going to do a bit review of the movie that ive seen lately in the cinema..which are Princess and The Frog, Zombieland and Couple Retreat. hmmm, Avatar was actually out in cinema ady today but i hvnt manage to watch it..haiz,maybe this weekend šŸ˜‰

shuld check out Princess and The Frog’s characters poster

Ok, so the first movie isĀ Princess and The Frog..missesĀ Cinderella? Pocahontas? Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? then u will have a chance to cure ur miss by watching this movie~ princess, prince, villain, singing, tale, beautifulĀ colorsĀ and view, happy ending, all complete in this movie haha..u will feel tat u back to ur childhood again, young, innocent and without stress! but some of you maybe will think “omg,what im doing here watching this kid movie” u better dont try to watch this if u dun like to watch classic Disney movie . consider u’ve been warned!

Erm,Ā 3 stars fromĀ 5 for the effort to bring back the classic Disney movie (bt of course nt tat classic as last time ,remember now is 2009 going to 2010?lol)

this is the best poster of this movie from the others!

The second one will beĀ Zombieland! watch the trailer yet? well, it’s exactly same with the movie, funny! hahah..but of course some jokes are lame,so better be prepare XD .the part when he teach us the rules to survive in Zombieland is sure can make u laugh! Zombieland is basically a show tat try to make u laugh, ntg much inside, no ending as well..oh got pretty hot chick inside if u r interested šŸ˜‰

This will beĀ 3 stars from 5, seeing that the Effect in the opening scenes is really cool!! loves it and the jokes are not as lame as other not-so-funny-moviesĀ (note: Superhero Movie, Disaster Movie, etc)

bad movie poster, wth are they doing standing so deep inside the water?

The third one isĀ Couples Retreat. 21+ yet? if not pls dont go watch this movie! hahah..this comedy drama is..well..funny enuf the dirty-jokes! having trouble with ur relationship or marriage? guess u need to go and have a vacation to Eden island! ur problem will be solved,on ur own. There’s this scene which is quite vulgar n…funny when the sexy and hot yoga instructor teach them yoga!’sĀ hilarious, trust me hehe..

This movie is not bad in my opinion, i’ll giveĀ 3,5 stars from 5

ps: Enjoy ur weekend and choose the right movie for urself!


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