Movies Review (xmas special~)

erm,another movies review hehe..been watching movies lately, these are another movies that i had watched in this past few days, Avatar and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. For Avatar,i think i was pretty late ady cos seems like everybody have watched it! damn hahaha..but for the Chipmunks i watched it on the first day premiere here,kinda stupid huh? haha..wateva..

The teaser poster for this movie,somehow its better from the rest of the others

Avatar, at first when i watched the trailer i tot tat..errr..not interested at all. wats tat blue thingy n everything inside. but somehow, i was surprised when i heard this movie is success and praised! hmm..few days after this movie was released, more praised are given on facebook n twitter by fren!,till now in fact. so i was thinking i need to watch this movie ASAP! finally the day came..hahah (cos my plans to watch this movie were canceled quite many time ady) and i watched it on 3D,my first time ever.

The story of the movie itself is, well, not too’s kinda predictable, did anyone wan to change themselves to a blue thingy creature bcos of love?guess is blind hehe.. but what made it praised by most of the people is the visual! the awesome visual graphics and all the3D and the effect. wowza~ i was impressed, especially with how they created the avatar and the tree environments with the beautiful colours and lightings,gosh! i was really wondering how they did it at tat moment,dint u? and the 3D(movie) makes it more awesome but i had to bare wit it for 3 hours,tiring eyes. For the really great editing and visual,i’ll mark it as 4.5 stars out of 5 😉

this is the coolest poster of the movie  from the other versions (tho its nt too representative)

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. did u watch the first one? bet u did,or..maybe not,like me hahah..actually i was waiting for the Sherlock Holmes instead of this, but unlucky me,they didnt have it at Ipoh on the day it premieres at Malaysia. so okay,Chipmuck is not tat bad after all,i can give it a try since i hvnt watch the 1st as well.

This movie is yea not bad, can make u laugh and entertained by Chipmunks who sing, somemore there are 3 new characters here, the Chipsters, the girls chipmunks. they sing very well n cute haha..maybe u can enjoy ur xmas holiday by watching this movie, if u prefer “light” entertainment. the story itself,ermm, so so,ntg new for this kinds movie..i’ll give 3 stars out of 5 for this 😉

ps: Merry Christmas people!


4 thoughts on “Movies Review (xmas special~)

  1. Kong,,,,I actually think that this movie so funny and so can a human want to become an avatar?wakakaaa…unrealistic,,but its quite entertaining…watched them with our friends…without you..hahaaa

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