Ipoh-Penang trip Part I

23rd December 2009

Hoammm..was using train heading to Ipoh! my first ever trip to Ipoh since this 3 and half years ive been here. been waiting for this Ipoh-Penang trip for a while since ive got no other trip and no work for this holiday(note: my last holiday here >.<). sien~

i was taking the 1pm train but i went out around 10am and reached around 11.30am. no much choices for me instead of sitting in McDonald and had my brunch while waiting for my train. my seat was on the front row, facing to the coach’s wall so i got nothing that i can see,lol. the whole journey took around 3 hourse, i got nothing to do except nap, reading novel, listen to music and look outside the window which ended me up with headache and neck pain XD

Finally, there’s this beautiful station appeared on my right side, a white and kinda old look building. Ipoh there i was!  once i stepped out the train, there’s J spying me behind the station’s window right in front of me. but the first thing i need to do was pee! ahaha..snapped some pics of the station then headed back to J’s house first and rest. met S there and J’s cute beautiful fat dog Lulu! hehe..so cute,love her!

Ipoh..hmm..looks like a very peaceful city, really different with KL (of course XD). this kind of city is very nice to live in,kinda looks like my hometown,Medan, tho not tat big but got lots of cars! but my hometown got more shopping malls than Ipoh, cool rite?

later at nite, we went to have the famous tauge chicken in one of the famous stall for dinner. reminds me of how much i hate to eat tauge when i was a kid, there’s this time when my fren and i were forced by his father to eat tauge! haha..it was awful XD.

Then dropped by to Ipoh Parade mall jz to look around, this mall reminds me of IOI mall at Puchong. went to yumcha a while then back home after that. Was having a quite uncomfortable first nite, jz slpt for 2 hours.disaster disaster disaster >.<

to be continue…


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