Ipoh-Penang trip Part II

24th December 2009

Early morning~ woke up around 7am tho i jz fell asleep around 5am. lacking a while frm my unrestless body and mind, then go to shower. felt fresh then we went to have dimsum for breakfast.

it was damn damn crowded, jz knw that ipoh people woke up early to have dimsum as breakfast (my parents wuld love it lol).we need to share a table with other people,ya the table is meant for 10 persons and there’s only three of them and three of u so why not just share. Back at hometown, Medan, “Nelayan”dimsum also always full wit people, pain in the ass if wanna queque for tat =.~Β Done wit the breakfast, J and I were heading to the Cave, one of lots in ipoh.

the cave itself was quite impressive tho the shape of a cave usually will give me goosebumps..J told me tat this cave usually will full wit people when there’s public holiday, but this morning only got some old folks enjoying their morning by chit chatting inside by the bench. peaceful morning for them i guess πŸ˜€ after enjoying the view and took some pics, we took off from there and headed to Tesco nearby to have my hair cut hohoho..it’s time to shorten my hair. i was pretty impressed by the result,luckily it’s nt bad..

Movie was on the next list to do lol. planned to watch Sherlock Holmes but sadly they dint have it at ipoh’s cinema.wasted. ended up we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at Jusco, S joined us. (the review can be read on previous post). walk around awhile afterwards then went back home rest.

Xmas eve! actually not much thing that we did on the xmas eve, but we had a very nice meal for it which is on dinner time nt on the countdown time hehe..cos on the countdown time we were already at home and sleep XD..2nd nite slept much better cos whole mind and body are tired ady.

25th December 2009

Merry Christmas!!! actually i dint feel any xmas spirit at Ipoh hehe..cos everywhere oso seems calm and peaceful tho their Jusco will ady full wit people just b4 12! keng rite ipoh people?hahaa.. was having Curry mee for our breakfast and half boiled egg (loves it) for me.

bright morning tat day,ready to step my feet at penang soon tho i feel like staying at ipoh for couple more days.

Back to home and prepared my stuff. then went for the last Tau Fu Fah before sending me to the bus station..Thanks S&J for the few days fun! ^^

to be continue


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