Ipoh-Penang Trip Part III

25th December 2009

i was on my way to Penang, sitting next to a guy uni student (like me). was napping and listening to my phone’s songs till i reached Butterworth bus station around 5pm. kinda worried tat i went down to the wrong bus station since i nvr stop at Butterworth station b4 hahah..but luckily i was right. now just waiting for Chuan to come and pick me up. few mins later there he was, walked towards me then pretend he dint recognized me hahah..then got in his car and headed to the ferry(yay!) for Penang!

Ahenk was ady check in the motel,Friendship motel, early this afternoon around 1pm. after put my luggage we went out for dinner. as im craving for the opui and the bak kut teh, so i asked Chuan to bring us to have it, the problem is i dunno where’s the bak kut teh tat Wilson brought me last time. ended up we just simply ate in a bak kut teh stall..it was awful! they mixed everthing inside, like chicken feet, the black mushroom, pig heart, chicken heart n much more,my god,i nvr knw bak kut teh gt all of these stuffs..bad one..

later after that we went to this event which look like pasar malam, but this one had some interesting games, the one tat we usually find it in Genting Highland theme park! ahahh..this event called “Jom Pi Pinang”, guess this one was to attract tourist, but what i saw mostly are the local people lol..we managed to try 1 game which cost us 6rm.

dint waste any of our time, Chuan brought us to Jelutong Promenade at Lebuh sungai Pinang 4, a wide walkway by the sea side. many couples go there and pak tor at nite, wats new?lol..it’s really nice to sit at the sea side n njoy the night wind n view..especially if got someone speacial to sit by ur side..agree? 🙂

headed back to hotel soon after tat..my energy was drained hehe..Chuan oso overnite wit us cos he gotta be our tour guide the next day hehe…

to be continue…


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