Ipoh-Penang Trip Part IV

26th December 2009

woke up quite early then take turn to shower,oh forget to mention, the bathroom is outside the room lol.. we went out for breakfast around 9.30am, before that we fetched Sam first, Chuan’s fren as he is the 2nd tour guide for us XD. we went to have dimsum as breakfast (which i oso had dimsum as breakfast at ipoh hehe). the dimsum was quite good, not much different with other place dim sum (anyway, all i saw at there was old folks XD)

now was the time for Penang’s temples trip! hahaha..tat was my tour guide’s idea, not mine to go and see lots of temples.i jz suggested to go see the famous Kek Lok Si temple but ended up we went to Khoo Kongsi temple, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, Kuan Yin temple (all near our motel only). Kek Lok Si temple is big! i jz knw tat hahah..when i saw the temple,which was our last temple that we visited,my feet felt like no energy left to climb ady..but the temple was full with people and hot!

next destination would be Batu Ferringhi, i went there on my last Penang visit,which was on 2009 Valentine’s eve to had dinner with frens. this time we went to the beach, quite crowded tat time. unluckily i wore a jeans so i was lazy to play wit water, jz stay aside n took pics.

Drove back to town and went to Sungai Petani area to had our dinner..again, the place was full with people..sometimes it is nice to see crowd,it makes me feel lively..and can give our eyes a treat ;). the food at there not tat nice,but the place is quite good for hang out wit frens and chit chat.

Chuan sent Sam back and us back to motel then left for his home sweet home. said goodbye to him cos he wont be able to accompany us again tmrw >.<

to be continue…


8 thoughts on “Ipoh-Penang Trip Part IV

  1. wah, i like the beach 😀 i always loved going to beaches as i’m pretty much a water person, love swimming and playing with water and all haha…

    i must go penang again in 2010!! 😛

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