Ipoh-Penang Trip Part V

27th December 2009

No Chuan for today,it means we gotta find our own way to our destination..which is..Gurney plaza hahah..but before that Soe and I went for breakfast first,ate kwetiau at a kopitiam nearby our way to dunno-what’s-the-place-name-already (lol) to look for cheap novels,2nd hand one, but didnt manage to buy any..after that we walked pass by this lion dance show,actually havent started, they were just gathering around and next to it there were this penang police showing off their car (guess it’s new car), eveybody was busy looking inside of the car and snapping pictures of it, including me hahaa..(jz for the sake to post it at here k? lol)

Took free shuttle bus to Komtar first then took another Rapid Penang to Gurney. first time ever i used bus in Penang tho it just the same as KL πŸ˜€ Ah, Sam also joined us again today. Went to ermm Wong Kok? oh Wong Kok char chan Teng to have lunch,

then walk and shop a while, and the damn sale made me spent again! bought 1 pants yerr.. >.< nvm,i’ll keep it for CNY πŸ˜‰ mall trip without watching movie wont be complete, so yea, we watched Cirque de Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant around 5pm. Heading for dinner at Gurney drive soon after that.hawker food! the place was full like sh*z, luckily we could get a table =.~

Nothing much left to do for that day, no time for Queensbay :(, after dinner just sat by the seaside, chit chatting and enjoying the view..after full with wind lol, we went back motel by bus,since it didnt stop infront of our motel we still need to walk, on our way walk back motel we saw this parade or something around the indian road there..everyone one stand aside to look at it so we were very curious and run there to see it too haha..so keypoh X, i still dunno what was that about until now.

So that was how we spent our day that day.went back home then online awhile with Soe’s laptop then zzzzz..

28th December 2009

Our last day at Penang! time flies so fast..Since our bus back to KL was at 1.30pm from Butterworth, we couldnt go anywhere else except the place nearby. so we went for our breakfast at kopitiam around there, we ate like a hungry ghost hahaa..wan tan me, kuay teow, bread with eggs πŸ˜€ but it was nice..still got free time then we walked to the Kuan Yin temple there again, cam whoring there ^^

That was end our trip, went back to motel, check out then headed back to Butterworth by ferry and waited for our bus back to KL~

The End


6 thoughts on “Ipoh-Penang Trip Part V

  1. wah so fast got lion dance show oledi? it’s still a month plus more till CNY! @__o

    malaysians are sure ahead of their time xD

    i wanna go to penang this year!!

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