Moon over my heart

我问你爱我有多深  你在我有几分

have u ever ask your love one how much he/she loves u? and do u ever notice that he/she might be asking the same question to u? if it went unanswered then u know that something has gone wrong..the heart has change or maybe the feeling never there at all.

how you measure your love to the person you love? is it love can be share? how much you need to suffer for that “share” if you are the 2nd?im wondering..

anyone believe in love? for me, i guess i do but sometimes i try to ignored the fact that love is just working in a strange way. just FYI tat im a love story dreamer haha..maybe cos i read too much novel like PS. I Love You and Time Traveler’s Wife 😀

well good luck in finding your prince and princess charming 😉

-just wondering-


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