My 2010 new year’s eve

Wonder how i spent my 2010 new year’s eve? tho u are not wondering,i’ll still will show it here! hahaha..this was my first time ever celebrating new year here at Malaysia, usually i already went back to Medan and celebrated it there with my friends. it was a nice experience, quite different with what i always had. but unfortunately my friends and i stand at the wrong side which was in front of the Pavillion! so nothing much we could see, only a glimpse of fireworks behind the trees and a quarter of fireworks from behind the tall buildings, such i waste rite? and the worst part, they dint even have the countdown then suddenly Happy new year! gosh~

Let the pics do the talking now-

Lets hope for the best in this new year k? 😉


4 thoughts on “My 2010 new year’s eve

  1. hahahaha, mine too. we were hearing the fireworks from the house but tak nampak and we went to the balcony to talk then my sis realised actually can see thru there. the moment i stood up and walked towards the spot, the fireworks just “pop” and that was it -.- fml. anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALIIIIIII!! ;D

  2. I shd go… the Christmas deco at Pavilion still there leh… LOL…

    U shd come Singapore, the fireworks here are a lot nicer… and dont have so many building blocking…

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