Movies review – January

Paranormal Activity is one of the most talk about movie in 2009. this movie was said to be one of the scariest movie ever. errrr is it? i dont think so. what i got from 3/4 of this movie was totally boring,i almost sleep during the half of the movie. remember The Blair Witch Project? this is what they are trying to do here. i really dunno why this movie got praised, tho i admit few scenes was quite breathe taking like when the woman was drag out of the room! but i dint see whats more from honest opinion, dont hope too much from this movie and you’ll more aprreciate this movie. extra point if there’s noone talk in the cinema! 2.5 stars from 5 😉

thinking to watch Carriers in the cinema?? dont waste your money except that u insist lol..this movie is quite short without letting us know where’s the disease come from and the ending is not satisfying, can be said no start and no end. the movie is actually talking about how this group of 4 survive themselves in this situation, its getting pretty bad when two of them infected. now how are they going to face it? find out yourself if u are curious. but u have been warned, its dissapointede 😉 2.5 stars from 5

Ju-on: the White Ghost and the Black Ghost. eits?? another ju-on movie! where is this come from? i also dunno, dint heard of it but suddenly here it is. actually this one is not too related with the other ju-on except the house that is haunted and the small kid ghost (which had nothing to do at all inside).the movie is divided into 2 parts, the white ghost and the black ghost. it mix scary, sad and funny elements inside hahha..i prefer the white ghost story more than the black ghost story. the power of this movie is still the same like the previous one, each story of the characters will complete the whole story. 3 stars from 5

Old Dogs is actually not my type of movie haha..but yea i watched it..the story itself is nothing new, a guy who try to be a good daddy help by his friend, but that is not an easy thing to do cos a lot of conflicts. i didnt see much point of this movie rather than all the jokes that they tried to show, which is stupid anyway. well, maybe depends on the person who tastes it hehe..tho i laugh in some parts. impossible i watched comedy drama with sour face rite? 😉 Robin williams maybe need to retired ady,his acting is no good. 2.5 stars from 5

Sherlock Holmes was actually premiere end of last year ady but it’s still on till now so u still can go and catch it on cinema. the movie is really entertaining, looking from the story, the visual and the acting. Robert Downey jr is great as a Sherlock Holmes, very funny indeed.Jude law is not bad as well. im not really sure about the story cos of course its adapted from the novel which i dint read and i wish to read it now lol..any giver? 😉 the visual/the setting, the way they built the city impressed me but of course dont compare with something like Avatar k? 4 stars from 5 🙂


5 thoughts on “Movies review – January

  1. Hmm..I can guess u r not a comedy-movie fan duncha..Hahaha..Well, i dun like too-nonsensical comedy mv either but then, it’s nice to “let go” once in a while whn watching these kinda shows..Hehehe…*Why so many horror movies one?!!!

    1. ya i dont like comedy movie that star old actor/actress hahahah..maybe that’s why i never interested in watching their movie.

      cos lately got lots of horror movies in cinema loo 😉

  2. I watched the Paranormal activities at home… damn boring la… haiz… wanna advise u not to go to watch ard…

    Old dogs, is funny… haha… But I myself wont purposely go for it la…

    I wan to watch Sherlock Holmes, tickets always out… T.T

  3. I like Sherlock Holmes too. Reminded me of those days when I used to read detective novels.
    Dark, gloomy, with witty remarks. Robert’s good, and gettin better.

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