Medan gateaway!

16th January 2010

It’s been a year I havent met my lovely frens at medan! So this weekend we had planned a meet up at the usual place that we always hang out at, Sun plaza XD. But before the meet up, I went to buy some magazines and comics at Sumatera Street first. Then headed to Sun plaza, I was quite early which made me have to walk by myself for more than 1 hour! Ya Medan people never on time hahhaa..note that.

Jeffrey was the person in sight, not long after that Angeline and Elice came out from their movie. While waiting for our movie and the others to come, we had our “routine” gossiping time first much to talk about and so much memories to laugh at…u wont know how much I laugh when im with them!XD

Suryawati, Ventina, Hendra, and Erwin were already at the cinema right at 5.30pm. then we went for our movie first, The Spy next Door. Angel and Elice dint join us for this movie since they jz watched Sherlock Holmes earlier but they waited for us by shopping. Later after the movie, was already dinner time, and we had a difficult time to decide where to eat,hahah like usual tho Medan is famous for the food.Since they made me to decide what food I wanna eat, I choose Indonesia food. One of the nearest is Nyo Nya which sell food like Ayam goreng,ayam bakar, stuffs like that..

inside the restaurant we laugh like there’s no one inside XD, that is us 😉 havent get enough of the chit chat we went to another place again after the meal, the most suitable for us to chat and laugh is Merdeka Walk, erm Merdeka Walk is a place like Asian cafe food court, but its in the middle of big road in the city. It was crowder, I didn’t stay long cos Ventina have to leave early, she sent me back.

End of the day..

17th January 2010

Was having another meet up today since everybody was free cos weekend, no work. Today we meet up at Cambridge, a hotel + shopping mall. Actually I seldom go there as well since its quite new.

My turn for being late today haha, was having my lunch at home first because my mum cook. They were having their lunch at a restaurant name Fusion bistro which my friends said not nice after they had a try. After they have done talking and laughing bout my memories XD we left for other place.

For the sake of introducing Medan, we went to Tjong A Fie residence which had become a showroom for tourist. For us, Medanese, we also never go there haha..this was our first time. Guess you guys know who Tjong A Fie is. His house was built around 1890, so its kinda have scary feeling inside according to my friends which I dint feel cos I was busy taking pictures of the house and them!

After spent 2 hours exploring the whole house, we went for satay to fill our stomach! This satay was quite famous here, sometimes it’s full with people who went down to eat or having it in the car. The price can be said affordable, not too expensive or cheap. Rp.15.000,- around RM 5.

We decided to went back home afterward since some of us felt tired already. But in the end we went separate way, we continue our outing till night. Brought me around to take some pics then stopped by to have another meal at the warung on the roadside, unfortunately I forgot to take some pics >.<

ps: Click on the image to view the larger size


11 thoughts on “Medan gateaway!

  1. U guys really have a great time… So much memories with old friends!!!
    Medan oso have a nice Place to hang out like Jakarta…
    Tjong A fie Residence is a haunted house??

    1. yalo its just like any other town in Malaysia haha..maybe the one that make it different is the traffic! haha..
      i’ll try to show more pics of Medan on the next post 😉

  2. Surprisingly, Medan has malls that you REALLY can be proud of, from the looks of them. Seriously.

    Can’t wait for the remaining parts. Who knows … maybe someday I’ll be down for a visit? hehehe …

  3. owh Medan! well seems like ur really enjoying your time there! indonesia must have a lot of hidden gems that is not discovered by the world and only you locals will know where they are 😛

    enjoy ur holiday!!

  4. Huaaa…I dint know you have already updated your blog!and those pictures….looks so nice!!haahaaa…

    For all….Tjong A Fie residence is really a haunted house according to most people…its good that we dint capture something weird inside!

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