Missing my school time!

Back to Medan, i dint forget to dropped by to my lovely old school hahaha..the place itself has changed quite a lot cos ya u know, they earn a lot n need to upgrade rite?haha..jz we the alumni dint have chance to use their new facilities such as the new library n new room or even new building. luckily i get to got inside n snapped some pics. my elementary school and junior/high school are in different area but still named SUTOMO I ^^

do you have any gang when you still at school?? lol

This is my elementary school. unfortunately the guard dint let us in, so i jz managed to snapped some pics from outside..too bad..

Missing my school timeee ^^ let’s turn back time n back to our school..but of course minus the examss XD


18 thoughts on “Missing my school time!

  1. tell me about restricted area. is it some kind of place rumored having ghost haunting around, but in fact its just some abandoned place used by the teachers to have sex?

  2. back to school, aww! i can’t remember the last time i went back to school… two years ago, probably? i don’t think any of the teachers remember me already, haha.

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