life lately

Finally! i back to civilization after awhile LOL..i was back to KL after 5 weeks back to my lovely boring hometown,Medan. now im finally here with my internet working,just FYI when i back here on 20th there was no internet connection coz the modem was broken,damn rite? then it was very hard to called the TMfckernet technician to come n check on was jz yesterday someone came n fixed here i am!

CNY was jz 1 week ago. this year CNY was kinda suck, i jz wore my new clothes on the 2nd day!hahah..the 1st day i stayed at home whole day cos my father is the eldest bro in the family so all the relatives came over my house. nothing much for the next few days since we dun have transportation this year. oh my eldest sis n her family paid a visit from Jakarta like usual where the 2nd sis n her family dint back from Jakarta. my bro was nowhere to be found hahaa..

ps: for u who dunno that im an uncle ady ;), i still have one other nephew n niece

Now that im back here, means new sem is going to start soon,which is the 1st March, my really last sem. back at hometown, all relatives will be asking “so what are u going to do after graduate?” “coming back Medan?” and everytime that questions came out i’ll just answer “become a graphic designer, planning to find work at KL or Spore,i dun feel like going back Medan” ohh how i wish it can,i’ll work for it. so if u guys have any vacancy or heard of one for graphic designer tell me k? 😉

ps: farewell dinner for me this time with my frens of course ^^we usually have this everytime im going back Medan

Was meeting S the day when i reached KL since he was at KL by the time as well. need to gave him n J some stuffs so i asked to meet up that day. tit was a fun day, watching Valentine’s Day (which quite effected to me.hey im hoping for my own happiness as well k? :)) then chit chatting over dinner.

Now: am pretty sad over things but guess i’ll have to stand on my feet n stay strong, bless me k. somemore i was indirectly said that im crazy, it’s kinda hurt my feeling 😦 people jz need to take their time to understand me especially if u love me n care for is a bitch,isnt it? xoxo


6 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Welcome back to your favourite Place, KL…
    Btw, have u decide it what I told u b4? And remember to “NO REGRET” it when u decide already, its for your kindness..
    U can tell me everything,, I’m here for u to support u…

  2. You are so lucky; just need to stay home and wait for the ang pows to come to you! lolz 😛

    You look great in the pic. And I cld see you have facial similarities to both your parents. 🙂

    1. yaloo its better people come than we go cos im lazy to go all the relatives houses haha..

      thanks,ya cos they are my parents ma.. lol

      thanks for dropping by as well 😉

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