people usually said “be careful with your mouth”. everything that u said can bring happiness and pain to other person,not to said that it also can bring happiness and danger for ourselves.

how happy will u be if u got compliment from someone? sure u will get damn high rite?haha..address people with some compliment will give u no harm if they deserve it :)so try it k?lol..

as for me,or surely for everyone,there’s some word or sentence said by someone to u which still stuck in your head,like forever. so i’ll share some wit u wat had people said that i wont be able to forget,either it compliment or hurting words. (wondering any things that i said stuck in someone’s mind?)

* “with you or without you is just the same”

* “you dont know that much about me”

* “i like your voice”

* “ah i remember you, you are the one who always helps me with my farm right?”

* “freak,like to go watch movie alone”

* “lucky im not that crazy”

* “wah so handsome, he (referes to me)looks like a korean hor” (i know this sounds stupid but an aunty really said that hahaa..its funny lol)

* “dont go find people, let them come find you if they are sincere”

haik,some of them are hurtings which i wont ever forget about it and some of them jz plain cute n funny ๐Ÿ™‚ all of those were referring to different things and from different people such as my love one, stranger, friend, and so on. any of those words come from u? xoxo

ps : i know my mouth also havent been a good one, but tats only when there’s something in my mind


10 thoughts on “words

  1. all true.. how true.. words have so much weight.. have you read The Four Agreements? One of them is choose your words carefully because of how much influence they have ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hahahaha…That “Lucky i’m not that crazy”…Does not refer to anything related with, erm? Me hor? Just perasan nia…Hahaha

  3. “if u dunno how bad u sound like…go take a voice recorder and record it down and then play it out when u are alone” guess who said to me? Not that there is anything wrong with my voice LOL..

      1. doesnt matter now…just that bad words leaves scars for the one traumatized. some heal quickly, some recover eventually, some never ….

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