Quick update

short updateeee XD

1. starting to get busy with my last sem, and i already can imagine how it will feels like in the next few weeks. God bless me

2. was busy meeting S&J and Collin who came to KL

3. first experience on something that ive never done before 🙂

4. lots things on mind but starting to get used to it.pardon my temperament

5. oh im still craving for iphone

6. vulnerable and get sick easily lately (im having bad flu now 😦 )

7. i miss Muchness!

8. 2nd hot air balloon Festival this weekend! feels like going.. >.< who is going?? lol

9. oh Alice in Wonderland is not as good as what i expected.

10. need to do an MV for John Lennon- Imagine song for one of my project. how cool/suck is that?

11. sorry Hiro! hehe..

12. another great song from Kei$ha,Hungover. ^^.make sure u listen to it



10 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Agree wit Gratitude! #3. First experience on something that i’ve never done before! Accompanied with a smiley somemore wor!!!- Scandalous!

  2. “first experience on something that ive never done before”?…what a teaser….hey just complete the sentence la…dont pique our interest and then pour cold water LOL

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