Sunday Easter

its been more than a weak.hmph! whats in store for me,a lot but then im so lazy, even to update my blog. every week a got a journal to submit on weekend, that’s what took all of my time, seems like i have no life,whole day whole week just sit in front of my laptop n type type type game game game chat chat chat >.< bored to the max.imagine that. ya lately i got nothing to rant except that, mostly is about study,student’s life. eek. i need a perfect getaway! i think i should curi curi time to go out before its too late LOL the question is..when?

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone 🙂 talk about easter day, i remembered my first year here in Malaysia when i still havent know much about anything. At our staying place, hostel, there was this bus service which bring anyone or Christian to church for prayer every sunday or saturday if im not mistaken, the church itself is located somewhere near Sunway Pyramid,my housemates and i then decided to gt the free ride to the church then walk ourselves to Sunway Pyramid (it was on Easter day,naughty us! hahah..), but unfortunately you know what we ended up with? had a prayer in the Church!, myself also not sure why we ended up that, my housemates and i are Buddhist..and we got ourselves easter eggs! 😉

my pet from Pet Society game on Fb ^^

6 thoughts on “Sunday Easter

  1. I’m a Buddhist too, but that doesn’t stop me from praising a wonderful sage, a Bodhisattva! All sages should be praised! ^_^

    Blessed Easter. Hope you enjoyed all the choc bunnies. ^_^

    1. buddhist of coz got pray Bodhisatva la..what i meant is Buddhist nt go to church one rite..

      Happy Easter too 🙂 i dont have choc bunnies to njoy lo hahaa..

  2. what he meant was Jesus is Bodhisattva, ali dong dong. Anyway, you went with your housemate, Sue, Sisca, and me! Why didnt u mention me on the blog? I remember I wore that very gay red shirt. God bless me wearing that to church

    1. eh really? lol..sorry cos i dint get that 😀 ding dong~

      cos i forgot who i went there with so i didnt mention any names looo ahha..GBU with the shirt! XD

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