Mid-sem break for Final sem

Here comes the Mid sem break for my last sem!! zzzz..its kinda scary actually, knowing that what i need and still have to do for the rest of the sem, even in my mid sem i also cant have a proper and good holiday! pls do imagine that >.< Today can be said as my first day of holiday, tho Saturday is a non-study day every week haha..went out with S&J for some fun (which i have to ruin it by being moody)

FYI, my 3 housemates are on their road trip vacation to Cameron, Ipoh and Penang, and my other other housemate are going to have his Cameron and Penang trip soon on Monday where i dont have any plan at all..start from Monday or Tuesday i will need to continue doing my assignments i guess T.T

This whole last semester projects and assignment are really driving me crazy, somemore i still need to start finding for job, future is waiting ohlala damn..so dont blame me for having up and down mood pls.sigh..(not without a reason for being angry anyway).maybe im going to blog about it later after this post.

sooo..date me if anyone of you are free! haha..

image courtesy of J

i wish i can have a life as colorful as those trees…

What im going to write next is totally out of topic but it’s what in my mind right now..

Everytime when i remember about the different world, it’s kinda hurt for me. the different world build a wall that stop me to cross over to the other side, im trying to climb but my hand is not strong enough, im trying to jump but im not tall enough. i need a hand from the other side but i get none. from the beginning i shouldnt have try to cross this wall cos i cant be the one who already stand across there in the first place. the wall is built for me. There will be one day when i see enough of the wall and decided to walk away..

in love with Justin Bieber’s songs lately..these are three of them

im dying with the lyric “so dont fear, dont you worry bout a thing, i am here, right here, i’ll never let you go. Dont shed a tear whenever you need me i’ll be here. i’ll never let you go”


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