love me hate me

oh i remembered i promise to rant on my next post, but then i dint feel like it now..all the rantings are useless cos it will just keep happening n happening. it sucks to become me hahhaa..nvm. i’ll post pictures today, my pictures,  i finally gotit from my friend! thanks Rachel 😉 taken on the same day with my “when you are feeling high” post..i like being vain sometimes XD me or hate me,its up to u

normal pose, like taking my passport photo haha..just need to smile and *click*

second pose, act whatever i want, something silly, funny, cool, pretty, anything came in mind and that is what i did! 😉

oh another pose! since im not a poser hahha, this is what came in mind, angkat another hand then it become different pose lol..

images courtesy of SPARKS

Anyway, lately ive been missing my best friend, Cindy, who is at Singapore now >.< if she is here, i sure will kidnap her and have a nice chit chat with her, telling her all my stories from the heart. oh damn miss her! it’s hard to find best friend now.HARD


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