Love songs

Hi all 🙂 in this latest post there wont be my pictures in it, dont worry cos i know u might be sick of looking at my pics from my previous basically im going to write about 10 of my favourite love songs (which i have hard time to decide which one to post because i have lots of it),but guess 10 are enough, some of them are new but there are few old tracks as well. Spend a bit of your time to listen to them please 🙂

Already gone by Kelly Clakson, i have some memories with it or can be said i dedicated this song to someone that ever appear in my life before. i fall in love which each words in this song. wanna know how much memory i have with this song? nuff said

Everytime by Britney Spears, my favourite singer of all time. this is one of her best ballad tunes, its been few years but i still liking this song, wont ever get bored of it whenever i feel sad. “Everytime i try to fly i fall without my wings, i feel so small” get it?

I never told you by Colbie Calliat, this is the newest from her. loving this song now.omg.i can cry when i hear this song while im sad. regret always come late isnt it? im dedicating this song to someone whom i ever introduced to this song before

Vanilla Twilight by Owlcity, i know this song from someone, he said that this song is very nice, much better than the Fireflies and yeah he was right, its good! nice song with lovely MV as well, how can u not falling in love with this sweet song?

Never let you go by Justin Bieber. OMG im having Bieber’s fever! as u know i posted 3 songs of him in my previous post, this is one of them. remember the “killing” lyrics that i wrote from this song? it’s still killing me until now >.<

Sweet dream by Beyonce. i never noticed that this song is lovely! when i find out this accoustic version of Sweet Dream, i go awwww..its very different when u heard it upbeat and slowbit, this one is much better! tell me its not melting your heart

Moon over my heart by David Tao, one and only mandarin song that i choose to put in my top ten list. why? this is the ringtones that i used for my love one but unfortunately i have to delete it. 🙂 sad moment, guess you know how it feels whenever it rings again

Crawl by Chris Brown. the tunes is undeniable effecting me, sweet sound and meaning which make me fall to this song. some people dont like this song after i introduce to them, and im nt sure why..still for me this is one of his best song

Hungover by Ke$ha, her songs have been my guilty pleasure lately! whenever i feel sad and want it to fck off, i will put on my headset and turn it to the loudest volume where i can stand it. and this Hungover is one of my favourite in her album. Love because of hungover? you tell me

Happy by Leona Lewis. at first i did really notice nothing about this song, it just came across my ears and passed by, but then someone told me about the MV and i watched it. from there i understand how deep is this song and guess i can relate myself to it 😦 poor thing

i hate love songs cos i hate my love life but i cant stop myself from listening to them :)haha what’s your favourite love songs?


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