life lately

okay has been busy and crazy lately, it’s like i have tons to do but then i still dare to curi curi time to went out for refreshment, wonder how many times i went out in this few weeks. one of the stupid outing was 2 or 3 weeks ago i guess, i went to MidValley alone after my lovely housemate rejected my offer to went out together, again, (its about a million rejection already). walked like a stupid guy around the mall then ended up sitting in Starbucks, actually i was waiting for someone or can said someone(s) to asked me out but then i was jz day dreaming. ok anyway, sat there alone with my 1st 16 bucks drink lol..after i felt stupid enuf then i finally decided to went back (such a pointless trip rite?)-oh the day b4 this trip i also went out with my used-to-be-very-closed friends.

took it when i walked alone at Midvalley, so adorable! i wan one >.<

trip out to my class’s bazaar at damansara on Sunday, then went to Pavillion on the Friday week after.

had duck king at the Lot 10 food court down there, forget the name

cam whoring at Sparks bazaar ^^

last week, went out twice in the week, one of them was Midvalley again, a super sucks experience of waiting for the KTM, but i had a super fun day with MT which can made me forget about peoples and stupid things. bought roses for my music video shooting  that day as well for my Saturday’s shoot which was the next day.

the shooting disaster on Saturday (with HIRO D.C as my model):
1. it was damn damn hot cause i started the shooting at Putrajaya around 12pm
2. both of the batteries were finished!i just started to shoot for only an hour i guess
3. went back home to charge and had to wait for few hours long
4. went back to shooting around 5pm and it started to heavy rain.fml
5. my roses almost die already >.<
6. failed to shoot and i had to waste my car rental’s money

so i had to do my shooting on Sunday,which is today, earlier around 10am and luckily can finish at 12. i still had another session of shooting on Wednesday! damn >.< . basically these 2 days of shooting, made me darker and tanned!! T.T omg..i burned like a ready-to-served chicken. i hate sun light! after the shooting went to Sunway to watched Ip Man, awesome movie.(oh where’s my movie review post? lazy..) 1 thing that i should tell u guys, i drove from Cyberjaya to Sunway!! very first time and i was not bad at all 😉 thanks HIRO D.C for letting me to drive ^^

am i crazy?cause i still got lots to do! duh~jia you jiao you.on the other hand, been sending resume out for job, but havent got any responds till now 😦 sad sad..pray for me pls

so another phrase of my life, something is changing and i have to get used to it..cya to u

ps: i blah quite alot tday, just want to update my blog about myself :)cya..oh and thanks to HIRO D.C for being my model and accompanied me for 2 days 🙂


8 thoughts on “life lately

  1. aleh! it’s so unfair that you keep looking younger! hahahaha.

    i blah about myself ALL THE TIME and it’s getting longer and longer so don’t have to feel bad. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    bye. LMAO XD

    take care. 🙂

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