a day at Jom Heboh Putrajaya and Hari Belia Negara 2010

ever heard of either Jom Heboh Putrajaya or Hari Belia  Negara? if you ask me then i will answer “no” lol..bet this event is not that big or im just lack of information. even for me who stay at Cyberjaya which near Putrajaya dint heard of it, i just knew on the day itself from MT. he asked me to go together 🙂

this event was started from 14-16 May 2010 at Putrajaya. im not quite sure what was that about, i guess its 2 events or more  in one. one was the Jom Heboh which basically looks like  a bazaar or pasar malam that sell things like clothes, IT stuffs,foods, even Nike  and A&W (they brought their van there), AirAsia  were there! confuse?me too. the other one was the Hari Belia Negara thingy, mostly were education booths provide information, radio station, and so on. the other section was for sports lover, im not sure this one is what, they had this thai boxing (with the boxing ring!), rock climbing, paintballs, skaters, hockey(?), cycling, and more.

since i didn’t bring my camera along, i just snapped some pics with my phone. not too many pics were snapped tho.


7 thoughts on “a day at Jom Heboh Putrajaya and Hari Belia Negara 2010

  1. heys you! thnx for the kind feature here! so happy see my face (and backside) here.. hahahah!!!


    im really glad you enjoyed yourself, stay in Cyber, duno whats going on in Putra. wahahaha…

    but who can blame you kan? LOL..

    1. i purposely wanna feature u at here one XD hahaa..

      ya, i shouldnt be blame bcos dunno wats going on in Putra lol, cos its not only me lor hehe..

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