the ones who always sleep with me

my lovely dolls! hehe.. no need to surprised or feel weird if i have dolls k?! i have 2 dolls who accompany first but there’s 1 new companion who joined the family recently lol..let me introduce them 🙂 , anyway i was so damn bored and lazy so i wrote this post haha..

Mr.Frogie joined me since the first day i came to study in Malaysia. a present from my dear friends when i was leaving by the airport ^^. i wrapped it in transparent plastic bag for quite sometimes until i released him to his freedom lol..

Mr.Doggie, came as my accompanion erm..last year?i forgot haha..this is a present from Ms. dearly Karen Kok when she’s moving out from her room.i found it cute then she gave me :D. Since then Mr.Doggie Mr.Frogie are sleeping next to each other with me

Mr.Lion! Came as my companion since end of last month which was April. Someone suddenly gave me as a present 🙂 sweet huh? hehe..Mr.Lion is very cute,really!

So that’s all about it.the ones who always sleep with me 🙂 oh anyway,im still waiting for a big big doggie LOL


8 thoughts on “the ones who always sleep with me

  1. Hahahaha….How abt a “small” donation can or not? Haha. So cute! My childhood dolls kena thrown away ady by The Mum. If i’m not mistaken, they are called Ah B and Sweetheart-kot! Hahahaa…I know, i know…Very childish indeed ma…. =)

    1. what kind of “small” donation? 😀
      of cos la childhood dolls ma,these dolls only few years not from my childhood haha..and your dolls name are really cute! lol

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