a day of Vesak

Happy belated 2010 Vesak Day everyone! As u know, yesterday (28th May) was Vesak day, where every Buddhist honour the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha

Almost 4 years ive been staying here but this is my very first time to celebrate Vesak at the temple. hm not a good follower >.<. Tho i was not feeling too well yesterday, i decided to go to the temple with Mangala fellas. There were 17 of us! such a big group.

The weather was incredibly hot! hot until i felt like dying lol..(im getting darker again after my video shooting period! damn) It was damn crowded, as u can see in the pictures down there. I was amazed. 1st reason is because there were lots of Indians and Chinese gathered at the temple (im not racist, what i was trying to say is, i always have this thinking that Buddhist is Chinese,in mind, tho i know there are Indian as well). the 2nd reason is the power of religion!, dont ask me what it means hehe..

The temple’s community gave a lot of free foods and free drinks, maybe that is one of the reason the temple was crowded, i guess. Even reporters were there, Maha Vihara might be a famous temple, does it?

Lets check out some shoots of the event and our video at here http://vimeo.com/12116679 (credited as written in the video)


4 thoughts on “a day of Vesak

    1. oh about V or W, i checked ady lol..both also can 😀
      ya i guess that is one of the reasons, open house! but the one who went to pray oso damn alot

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