Celebrating one last week of final sem

Sooooo Since I dont have anything to update , i will post my works here LOL..boring huh? once a while nvm k 🙂 since this is already my last sem. Let see what i can share with you ..

Showreel of my multimedia’s works

My Latest Video project in Semester 8, shoot a music video. I got a song from John Lennon-Imagine

My Semester 7 video project, a short movie which I called it Cinderella:The untold story

My other Semester 7 video project,a tvc of DiGi

a 3D project in Semester 7. I did the exterior of a cemetery

Semester 6 flash animation video project. Promoting KLIB event in 2008

Semester 6 flash project, move our name

Not only these in my 4 years study,k? haha..there’s some others more,but these are the one that i can show here. and i created a new page at the top button there, my portfolio page 🙂 feel free to check it out


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