when im 22

Birthday oh birthday..I still remember when I was 19, i kept thinking that i was going to 20s soon,but now see how fast time pass,im already 22! getting older is somehow make me feels more..ermm i dunno how to describe it,it’s frustrating yet exciting when i gotta start earning my own money for living,yea i know some people can already earn they own money since they are in their teenage. tho i ever earn mine myself but just that’s not fully. hehe well let’s cut the crap. so this was basically what happened on my 19th june 2010 birthday.

Ive been thinking to have a perfect getaway to somewhere to celebrate my birthday this year, and yea,it came true,i went to Port Dickson 🙂 so we headed there early in the afternoon and reached around 3. after that just enjoying the weather, view and everything. At the other side, back at Cyber, Leo,Ahenk,Martina and Sita were planning to gave me a birthday surprise. the problem was i forgot to tell them except Ahenk that i was not coming back home till tomorrow morning. Ended up they waited for me at midnite and i dint show up haha..sorry..Ahenk shoudve told u guys 🙂 but thanks alot for arranging the surprise!

The first cake that i got from my SPARKS classmates, they,Rachel and Novia for exact, bought me a cake after our exhibition finished late at night 🙂 and sang me a song at Asia Cafe hehe..love u guys! look how tired and ugly i looked. hahaa..

Since i was not at home and the surprise failed, they decided to ate my cake and took photos and tag me on FB! haha damn,and left 1 small piece for me XD. but thanks anyway for doing that for me, i was touched 🙂

They invaded my room and took photos inside! how cool were they?hahah..gotta move my keys already XD

And they wrote wishes notes(mostly were asking me to treat them hahha) on the cake’s box and left in in my room, i quite surprised when i saw it cos at that time ive no idea that they invaded my room lol..

Birthday gift from Marcus 🙂 my one and only gift this year :D, wore it on my first day of exhibition already..

Well, that’s all for my 22nd birthday 🙂 Thanks for everyone who already made my day..thanks for the wishes from sms, fb, phone call, and in person!

ps: my wishes for this year, i can get a good job,stay in Malaysia and make my parent proud, the one that cares for me can stay and be with me always, and just be happy!


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