Hello trip!

Hello again Port Dickson and Melaka! its been several times i went to both of those place, but this time it’s abit different cos me and friends drove there, 2 cars exactly, 8 of us. it had been planned a week before.

we were supposed to left home around 6, but because some people were slacking (note: leonardez and Soehendy husin LOL) we had to leave around 7.30. first stop would be Petronas, for petrol and breakfast, the next stop would be..lost. hahaa..since it was called a road trip, toll was avoided, or maybe we didnt think of that in the first place, we used kampung road as instructed by the bb+iphone gps, but then it was really nice that we can see greenery surrounded the area, especially the kelapa sawit plantation XD

After a quite long winding road plus a bit lost, we finally reach Port Dickson, so hello again Port Dickson as i just been there a week before celebrated my birthday. day was still bright cos its quite early, around 9 if im not mistaken.night market still not yet open.everything still sounds and look peacefully, only the beach that calling us for “photos time” ! Aha! oh anyway,if you are wondering why i wear jacket on the beach, it’s to protect me from getting tanner! lol..

When the sun is getting hotter and hotter, we decided to leave. 2 hours with water and photos were more than enough haha..so we left around 11am then headed to Melaka which took us 2 hours + the wrong turn. it was 1.30pm when we reached, and the place was flooded with people! urgh, weekend sure bring them lots of money. it was already a million times i dint manage to get a taste of the famous chicken rice ball straight on the spot. well, but we could find ourselves a place to eat at Jonker88 for their durian cendol. i managed to bought some gift for friend, snacks and a hat from Jonker street ๐Ÿ˜€ oh and also a dumpling! finally haha..

The day was sure very very hot, thanks my jacket for keeping me the way i am hahaa..after tired of camwhoring, we left to the Dataran Pahlawan mall (wonder is it the right name?) for the parking only actually, then headed ย for another session of camwhoring. duh. tho i like to camwhore but i got tired too ๐Ÿ˜€

This time around, i managed to try few sticks of satay celup there, taste better if we can eat at there i guess. then had seafood for our dinner at Umbai (?) the place was craxzy full of people! had to fight to get a table ahaha..not really fight actually, jz a cold war. frankly, i didnt like the food there,not that nice or maybe we ordered the wrong one. then left around 11 if not mistaken, reached cyber by 1.30 , was tired as hell and slept my way to home

*some pictures credited to Gilang and Martina


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